Activating Your True Girlfriend Potential Doesn’t Have To Be Hard With The Right System

Do you want to become the ultimate man of attraction? The type of man who catches the eye of almost every beautiful woman wherever he goes? If you do, then you will not want to leave your computer for the next few minutes. Here is how you can become the man which women are TOTALLY addicted to.

So what is the ultimate man? Let me sum it up for you in three words:

An Alpha Man.

Most guys think that an ‘alpha man’ is one of those big dumb guys that throws his weight around in order to get what he wants. While this may have been true back in the times of cavemen, alpha men are considerably different in our modern society.

An alpha man is one who possesses a certain set of characteristics. Such as programs like Girlfriend Activation System can teach you. He is a man of action who is building a life carved out of his very own desires. He is a true MAN that goes after what he desires and gets it.

This is the type of man that EVERY mentally stable, beautiful woman is looking for. This is the type of man they HOPE to meet when they go out to clubs or other social gatherings.

Problem is that there aren’t too many alpha men left. As society has gotten more and more advanced, men as a whole have gotten softer while women have gotten tougher.

So this is both a good thing and a bad thing.

It’s bad because the world would be a better place if there were more men interested in achieving great things.

But it’s AWESOME news for guys like you and me. That’s because we can transform ourselves into alpha men and thus put ourselves in VERY high demand with women!

Here are some characteristics of alpha men:

Ambitious: He sets lofty goals for himself and goes after them with laser focus

Emotionally Stable: He is the ‘rock’ that every woman wants. He is in control of his emotions and can steer through tough situations using logic rather than emotion.

High Value: He draws his self-worth from within himself. He sees himself as the highest value man in every single situation he is in. He does not seek ego validation from others.

Bonus Tip: If there is one thing I’ve learned, it’s that mainstream dating products just don’t do the job these days. To achieve fast success, men need to be guided with cutting-edge information in an interactive manner.

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Seven Ways to Dominate Online Dating

The stigma on dating random strangers from the internet is gone for good. According the US Bureau, 60 Million singles all over the country signed up at online dating sites looking for love in the World Wide Web. Everyone’s doing it! Celebrities are setting up dating profiles and children are signing up their parents! If you’ve been forever single and it’s a long-delayed New Year’s resolution to find your soul mate or that five-year relationship with your high school lover has gone down the drain, a sexy set of single (and sometimes, not so single) individuals are ready to keep you company. Here’s how you can dominate the scene and stand out: Be genuine. Post your favourite recent pictures in your dating profile. Some sites have made photo grabbing easier by connecting to your Facebook or Instagram account. Please don’t lie about your weight, age or height. Telling the truth would save you and the other person from the disappointment and from a really awkward date, Be specific. What are you really looking for? Profiles that are too general are bland and boring. Make your profile stand out with adjectives and details and a lot of specifics. Draw yourself to your potential partner and make them imagine you. Talk about a favourite dish, or the song you like to sing in the shower. Avoid clichés and emoticons Think of it this way. How many profiles of a men looking girl who isn’t after looks ore money, have you seen? How many profiles of a woman who wants a financially stable man have you seen? These “descriptions” have been used...

Six Dating Tips from Game of Thrones

Westeros teaches us a lot of things – how your wife’s grandmother can poison you on your wedding day, how you can get stabbed to death on your wedding day, how your you can inherit your dead brother’s hot wife and how you can survive by having many faces. What most of us may not have noticed is that George RR Martin and the rest of Game of Thrones’ production crew are geniuses in the game of dating. The story is jampacked with juicy love advice and dating tips that will surely score you that guy/ gal you like and have them for keeps. Here are six of the best dating advice you can get from Game of Thrones: Offer helpful solutions instead of straight criticism. No one likes a know it all, and no one likes being called for a mistake. Pointing out your significant other’s “miscalculation” is one thing. Brushing it to his face is another. Remember that you are working your way to becoming a team here. You cannot be always right. You have to complement each other so that you can jive harmoniously through whatever life may throw at you. Instead of humiliating him, suggest constructive solutions that let him know you’re willing to help. You don’t have to change your appearance to get attention Make-overs are overrated. Jacques proves us that whatever you look like, whether you dyed your hair as red as Melandrei’s, as blonde as Daenerys’ or as black as Jon Snow’s, you will still be you deep inside. Physical attraction can only go so far. It is always better to work...

Why the Smartest Women Have the Toughest Time Dating

No one can have everything. That hot guy everyone’s been crushing on since middle school doesn’t use his brain much, the rich kid across your favourite spot in the cafe is going through depression, and the popular semi-perfect Homecoming Queen has really low self esteem. For some unfortunate twist of fate, smart people find it really difficult to find their perfect match. In the awesome book Tao of Dating, Dr. Ali Binazir says that an overwhelming number of dating woes is shared specifically by smart people. The smarter you are, the more clueless you will be. So, if you’re from any of the Ivy’s, and having an incredibly difficult time finding “the one”, here are a few points that might help you figure out why: Smart people spent more time on achievements than on relationships when growing up. Usually, smart kids come from smart families. And smart families usually have accomplished parents who expect nothing less than an A in all of the subjects, a handful of trophies on the shelves and a few awesome titles with your first name. If you come from an achievement-oriented family, you are wired to conquer the territory first before establishing connections. Of course, mastering that Ravel Gaspard, memorizing the almanac, becoming Class President and just being a winner carry some opportunity cost. Building meaningful relationships, senselessly chasing after that boy you knew was trouble and stepping outside of your comfort zone might be a tad bit foreign. If you’re in college and you let this go on, you’ll graduate with the highest honors, work with Google or Apple and compensate the lack...

Rop 10 Things Men Do that Turn Off Women

You’ve finally scored a date with hot secretary from the Legal Department and you’re sure you’ll both have a wonderful evening. You’ve ironed your pants, fixed your tux and made sure your breath smells good, but there are still some things you still need to know to earn points with her. Here are a few things you should never do when on a date with someone you’re really interested in: Having a Mouth Like A Sailor Sure, it makes you look natural, like you’re not trying too hard to please her and the bad boy vibes might just work but you should know that cursing around a lady is no-no. Letting a couple of doozies slip from your mouth in the start of your date may leave a bad taste in hers. If you want to come off as a gentleman, try to avoid foul language as much as you can. Making Fun of Others Even if it’s just to break the ice, when you casually drop below the belt jokes about the people around you, it makes you look like a jerk. It gives the impression that you feel like you’re the center of the universe, and no one else is better than you. It also tells them you are not capable of finding the good in others. Women want to be with a considerate, thoughtful person – not some mean ass whose more Queen B than she is. Overtexting An little “I had a great time” and “Good night” every now and then is really sweet, but trying to have a full conversation through text is just...

Ten Dating Tips I Should Have Followed When I was Single

Dating can be simple. The Universe gives us an abundant supply of obvious guide points all we really have to do is be sensitive to the signs. But that’s easier said than done. When you’re in the moment, breath taken away, heart skipping a beat and painting the town red, it’s really hard to think. When you’re young and single, excited to fall in love, and that cute resident surgeon starts giving you ample attention, sending you flowers, texting you random “Good morning” messages or asks you to dinner, it’s easy to close your eyes and jump. Before you do that, know that you might be missing out on a whole LOT of things. Twenty years from now, you might find yourself wishing for a time machine (which, by the way, might already have been invented) so you can give twenty-something-year-old you a piece of sisterly advice. So, hey, if you’re in the dating scene at the moment, here are the ten dating tips you should keep in mind to save yourself from that unnecessary heartache. Finding a Partner is Just One of Your Many Goals Don’t get consumed in finding the perfect one. There’s a difference in prioritizing something and obsessing over it. If you exhaust your time, energy and resources on settling down, you might miss out on huge opportunities. Start a business, travel the world, climb the highest mountain. Don’t ever think having someone by your side makes your life more complete than you can ever make it. Consider His Immaturity Sure, a little bit of immaturity can be nice. When he acts like an infatuated...

The Ultimate Guide to Managing Body Image

For someone with a lot of issues on body image, physical and emotional insecurities, dating can be a daunting, disappointing and depressing. The thought of starting a romantic relationship with someone can be stressful and intimidating, but one thing is certain: you can never be confident with anyone unless you are fully confident by yourself. So here are some tips to eliminate those insecurities and help you jumpstart your dating game. Do Not Catfish. Be completely honest and humble when describing yourself online. A common pitfall in the online dating scene is when people use outdated photos hiding their age, or cropped ones to conceal the chubby pockets. This may lead to disappointment to both parties. When you post your updated picture and someone pings you, your date is more likely to work out. Appearance Matters! Stop hiding behind baggy clothes. Go out and jog and work those curves! You will find that exercising and sweating pout boosts your confidence and makes you feel good about yourself in more ways than one. Invest on clothes that compliment your curves and pamper yourself occasionally. Stop Pulling Yourself Down. Confidence is sexy. Do not expect people to love you if you don’t love yourself! People begin to like you when you exude an aura of confidence and affirmation. The positive energy makes them want to hang out with you more. Stop gloating over what you think you don’t have and start focusing on your accomplishments and your ambitions. Keep your head up and you’ll see how positive you rdates will be. No apologies Don’t feel sorry for not looking as good...

7 New Rules of Dating

Whenever we hear teenagers telling their parents that times are different now, we often roll our eyes in disagreement, laugh and quickly dismiss this (very reasonable) statement as an immature rant from someone who has not seen the world yet, Actually, it’s true. Times have changed, and with it, several rules in the dating game. Here are a few things you have to remember if you don’t want to be obsolete. No More Waiting Games. Gone are the days when you’d have to wait for three days to call or text or private message that hot college professor after your first date. We live in the age of instants and patience is no longer a popular virtue. It may be just a waste of time. Play Coy At Your Own Risk. Sometimes, making your new found love interest work for your attention can be worth it. But playing hard to get might just push the person away instead of drawing him closer. It’s always better to try things out and realize it doesn’t work out than forever be haunted by “If only I…” Be Techie. Technology provides countless ways to communicate and reach out to people all over the globe. Be familiar with Skype and you might just make that long distance relationship work. Be Careful What You Share. If he is anything sensible, the first thing a blind date would do is Google you and needless to say the results would include everything you post online – yes, all the pictures from that wild Spring break to the mushy, face palm-worthy (and eventually, maybe really angry) tweets and...

12 Weird Ways to Make People Fall in Love With You

Love has its own reasons, they say – reasons that the heart does not know. For generations, mankind has stumbled in the shadow, trying to pinpoint the factors that influence people to paint the town red. While many have raised a white flag in surrender, sighing and shrugging to Selena Gomez’s “The Heart Wants What It Wants” or Taylor Swift’s “I knew You Were Trouble,” Psychology effectively earns bragging rights by successfully defining and diagnosing why people fall in love, and they are weird and fascinating. So, we’ve compiled science-proven ways to make someone see the sparks in Summer. Excitement. There’s a psychological phenomenon called the “Misattribution of Arousal,” which basically means that when a person meets somebody after doing something exciting or extreme, he/she mistakes the arousal from the activity to be arousal for the other person. Smart kids (with a PhD in Social Psychology) Donald Dutton and Arthur Aron illustrated this phenomenon in their study in 1974 where they placed men under two conditions: the first set walked across a high shaky bridge and the second on a low sturdy one. Afterwards, they met a female interviewer who gave them her phone number “just in case”. As it turns out, the men who walked the high shaky bridge were more likely to call the woman interviewer because they’ve mistake rush of adrenaline they felt from walking the shaky bridge as arousal for the woman. So, on your first date, jumpstart the chemistry by doing something extreme – skydive, bungee jump – rather than sticking to the usual candle lit dinner. Emotional Priming. Priming basically means you set...